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EMSI is the international sales arm of the manufacturers we represent.

We extend our manufacturers' reach and bolster their coverage with our sales teams located around the world. We sell a wide range of products, focusing on North American electrical materials for industrial applications, but also offering safety, instrumentation, and mechanical products. In addition, we provide a variety of complementary services with the aim of being a single source for our customers’ needs. 

EMSI’s sales coverage spans several continents.

In today’s globalized environment, large industrial and infrastructure projects often involve stakeholders from multiple countries. EMSI leverages our international sales footprint to engage these players and position ourselves to win their business. By getting in front of decision makers, EMSI effectively advances the interests of our manufacturers and channel partners. 

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Safeguard Added to Linecard

We’re excited to announce another addition to our Utility range, Safeguard’s Compass. The Compass™ Personal Voltage & Current Detector is a smart life-saving device that detects energized sources and warns users long before they are in danger of being electrocuted. It alerts users of the proximity and direction of an energized source. This wearable voltage and current detector is built with an intelligent design allowing it to be configured to nearly any work environment.


Sigalarm Added to Linecard

Sigalarm is recognized as the world leader in power line warning systems. Their mission is to save lives and equipment by preventing unintended power line contact by offering a complete range of power line warning products, including Legacy Proximity Alarms and Wireless Proximity Alarms.