EMSI's value extends well beyond the products we sell. We understand the importance of relationships and of supporting our partners in the regions we serve. Our seasoned sales team is expert at analyzing complex bills of materials and drawing upon our broad manufacturer base to turn around prompt and comprehensive quotes to satisfy our customers' requirements. 

Beyond this fundamental level of service, we also provide support in the following areas:



Selecting and purchasing the right material are just part of what makes a transaction successful. Delivery is equally important. In collaboration with our forwarding partners, EMSI provides a full range of logistics services, including export packing, crating, consolidation, and containerization. We do our utmost to ensure your shipments are delivered on time and in good condition.


Trade Financing

Financing forms the foundation of every successful transaction. However, the high risk involved in international trade can present a challenge when settling on payment terms. EMSI understands that customers do not always have the cash on hand to pay for an order up front and that letters of credit can be expensive and bureaucratic. We examine every case on an individual basis and offer an array of flexible payment options that enable our customers to finance orders while maintaining an acceptable level of risk for EMSI.


Customs Support

Clearing customs in ports of departure and destination is an essential part of every international transaction. Failure to properly prepare for customs requirements can lead to shipment delays for any number of reasons – problems with export documentation, missing certifications, incomplete information on labels, etc. Such delays can in turn lead to penalties and fees, not to mention missed project deadlines. EMSI's long experience with customs in the countries we serve has equipped us with the expertise to quickly resolve any customs problems resulting in shipment delays and, more importantly, to anticipate and prevent those problems altogether.